How do we Make it?

Connie At Work

Our hand carved porcelain jewelry pendants are the focus of each piece. The pendants are cut, carved, impressed, smoothed, and sanded by hand, out of porcelain clay, the most durable and beautiful clay known. They are bisque fired to 2000° F, then hand painted in different thicknesses with our special hand mixed glazes. These glaze recipes are handed down from potter to potter, as gifts, with love respect and gratitude. We use natural organic earth elements in our glaze recipes. Then we high fire the pieces to 2200° F where the magic of texture, color, melting and fluxing takes place. They are now a unique Making Yoga Inspired Jewelrygemstone of their own being.

We then carefully choose organic beads of wood, semi precious stone or bone to create our one of a kind necklaces. No two are exactly alike. Please expect some slight differences in form and color. That’s what makes this jewelry unique, wonderful and alive, and connected to the power of your healing spirit.

Om - The sacred sound of the universe
the sacred sound of the universe
Healing Spiral
Spirl - Open to spontaneous healing
open to spontaneous healing
Yin Yang
Yin Yang - The Balance of life
the balance of life